A career’s early formative years are vital and exciting. During the first four or five years, you discover your professional self, take risks, and even make mistakes. Considering the abundance of career options available in the market, freshers are often conflicted about joining startups or going the corporate route.

Starting a business often means having a small team, which gives each member more responsibility. There is more to learn than just one skill. Anyone who has just graduated can use this opportunity to discover where their strengths reside, hone in on specific skill sets, and discover where their strengths lie.

One Stop Agro Store

Farmers have always been the backbone of our country, and today the technological advancements are helping them in big ways. With the aim of “Transforming the Future of Farmers”, BigHaat has emerged as India’s leading digital marketplace for agricultural inputs. Farmers can access the company’s products and advisory services via digital channels (mobile app/web), a missed call for those without Internet access, and presence on the ground with fleet-on-street.

About the Company

Sateesh Nukala and Sachin Nandwana founded BigHaat in 2015 to help farmers transform their pre-harvest process through technology. While agriculture economics, strategic leadership, and…

A start-up that envisions capturing the market and establishing itself as a brand in its niche needs to have a comprehensive, extensively researched, and well-crafted business plan. The idea of what to include and what to avoid should be clear while doing so. To get investments to come your way, your plan should be nicely packaged and describe your product most appropriately and attractively.

Crafting a business plan can be quite some task requiring lots of research, organization and documentation. …

Ditching the conventional norms and building a startup is always a difficult road to take. Who doesn’t want to build something from scratch and take it to heights that the world shall talk about?
In a country like India where almost 80–90% of startups fail within the first five years of operations, it’s tough to evade the negativity and work towards your vision. But by following a series of well-defined steps, you can give it the best possible shot to go big and avoid the mistakes that prove fatal for your new venture.

Market research to find a problem
The market…

Almost everyone wants to create something unique for the market, live a life full of exciting happenings, get their names penned down in the Forbes list and relish the unmatched success, but one thing that leaves most of the most of the wanna-be entrepreneurs scratching their head about is the question, “30’s, 40’s or 50’s? What’s the perfect age to let your idea rule the market?”

We admire the entrepreneurial spirit that resides in you and we’re here to let you figure out the answer.

Let’s just put it out there; there is no ‘right age’ to go all-in on…

By Abhishek Agarwal

This year has been remarkable in many ways for Indian startups. To begin with, India produced 15 unicorns in the first 6 months of 2021, however, 11 unicorns in the whole of 2020. The total unicorn tally has now crossed 50 in the 10-year-old ecosystem. Money continued to pour into new-age technology enabled ideas to the tune of $10.1 bn in H1 2021 vs an average $10 bn in the last three years. From volume perspective, 543 deals attracted this capital and preferred sector fintech, edtech and foodtech remained favourites for investments. At this rate, India may…

The question doesn’t sound so subtle, right? Well, in the webinar organised by PMS Bazaar on the 14th of May, Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, founder of Rockstud Capital breaks down the question to its core and shares his insights on how with the economy moving forward, playing a long term will aid in one’s wealth creation.

Impact of Covid-19 on the global economy

Covid-19 has impacted the economy of every nation out there. The overall global equity market was badly hit too. …

Good health is the only wealth in today’s time, and a significant way to maintain it is through Genetic analysis. From timely interventions to gene-targeted treatments, genetic analysis can benefit in many ways. Keeping this context in mind, we would like to talk about one such structural growth story in the form of Lilac Insights Pvt. Ltd. It is a pioneer in the genetics diagnosis in the field of reproductive (prenatal) and cancer treatment, having successfully shaped the genetic screening and diagnostics industry in the country over the last decade. Here we’ve given a brief overview of the company.


For independent writers, putting thoughts and ideas into words and images can be fun and fascinating. But for a startup, the game changes significantly. Pitches can be the most daunting, nerve-racking experience for many, as the discerning investors consider each pitch like an audition with a cost attached to it. They put their money very carefully and only when completely satisfied. So it’s necessary for you to not just hone your skills regularly to build powerful narratives, but also master the process of pitching, in order to tell your story in the most hard-hitting manner.

Many a times, even the…

Tata Elxsi Ltd was our bet on factors like bottom of JLR issues, growing demand for connected cars and rise of OTT and demand of designing and engineering for the same. This was picked by our fund Rockstud Capital Investment Fund Series I around Rs. 650–750s and we are currently riding it by ~2.1x in 1.5 years’ time.

Company Brief — Tata Elxsi Ltd, a midcap software company generates its revenue by providing integrated design and embedded software services. They operate within 3 layers i.e. Engineering, Technology and Design for leading OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. The business is project…

Rockstud Capital

Rockstud Capital is setup for the purpose of advising and managing funds as Investment Manager to our SEBI registered AIF Cat 2 Fund.

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